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This is meant to be a video instruction guide. I want you to feel like we are sitting at a table together, having coffee, all while I share with you my favorite family posing techniques. 

I have broken up all my base family poses into actionable steps. I am going to show you a pose and then I am going to give you a step by step formula on how to execute it. This will be put in the simplest terms so that you can literally know the break down of each pose. No fluff there. Just straight guidance and steps.

Here is the thing. I never want you to think that you have to do anything EXACTLY the way I do. Make them your own and make them fit your clients' needs and your own artistic vision.

My advice would be to watch these videos a few times and take some notes before you go out and shoot. Then, take your notes and what you’ve learned, and make a plan for what poses you intend to try during your next session.


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Module One

The first 10 poses, with a focus on standing poses.

Module Two

The next 10 poses are great for big families, and include some standing and some sitting poses.

Module Three

These 10 poses show movement and connection, and several of them are great for toddlers or families with just one child.

Module Four

The last 10 poses are some of my all time favorites, including several laying down poses and some with just one parent and kid(s).

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