Introduction to Family Posing Made Easy

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Welcome to Family Posing Made Easy!

I am so glad you are here!

PLEASE read this whole intro so you can get the max out of this guide. 

This is meant to be a video instruction guide. I want you to feel like we are sitting at a table together, having coffee, all while I share with you my favorite family posing techniques. 

I have broken up all my base family poses into actual steps so you can execute them. 

Here is the thing. I never want you to think that you have to do anything EXACTLY the way I do. Make them your own and make them fit your clients' needs and your own artistic vision.

The reason I don't include sibling poses or poses of kids on their own is because that really isn't the focus of my work. I honestly focus on the entire family during my sessions. 

*** The guide is meant to be viewed RIGHT HERE on this web page.

*** I am sharing a full gallery of mine with you (in the Bonus Materials). The reason being is that I want you to see a full family session of mine so you can get a feel for how I put these poses in action during a shoot. This gallery may change from time to time. Again, you will be notified if any changes or updates are made. 

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