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I am so excited so share my first ever Lifestyle Newborn Photography course with you! As a former Newborn Intensive Care Nurse, I am very passionate about safe, meaningful, newborn photography and Lifestyle Photography is the answer to that. I have poured my heart and soul into this course and am sharing EVERYTHING I know about executing an in home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Course from start to finish.

There are 9 video modules, a shooting video, a swaddling tutorial video, and a culling video. My intention is for this course to feel like a one on one mentoring session with me. Watch each module and listen to all of the tips and guidance I am giving you. I have had many take my course and say they feel like they were sitting across the table from me. Be sure to watch them in order and take notes!

Most importantly, have fun with this very meaningful and profitable style of photography!


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Module One

What lifestyle means

Module Two

Light, composition and environment

Module Three

Prepping the family

Module Four

Day of session

Module Five

Baby with siblings

Module Six

Baby with family

Module Seven

Baby with mom and baby with dad

Module Eight

Baby with parents

Module Nine

Baby alone

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