Welcome to The Art of Lifestyle Photography!

This class is broken up into four written modules. There are three behind the scenes videos in the bonus modules that show a newborn shoot, family shoot and how I work with a large family.

How to get the most from this class…

This class has a lot of information! I recommend that you take it one module at a time, one week at a time. It works best if you work through the material over a consistent four week period, one module each week. If you can’t do that, it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. I just want you to take the time you need to absorb all of the information.

I highly encourage you to complete the assignments and ask for peer critiques in the FB group. There are four threads, one to submit the assignment for each module. While I can’t go in and critique all the assignments, your peers are a great sounding board and a great place to get valuable feedback for maximum growth.

Remember, you get what you put in. I can’t make you do the work. Read the material, practice as often as you can ( I recommend daily shooting when you are working through this workshop,) and be an active contributor in the FB group. We are all in this together!

How to submit questions…

Scroll down to the form below to submit your course questions. They will be answered in The Connection Facebook Group via a private FB live the first Tuesday of every month at 9:00am Pacific Time unless otherwise specified.

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Module One

What is lifestyle photography, plus all important considerations within lifestyle photography including composition, light, environment and location, and most importantly, connection.

Module Two

You will learn a solid family session flow and specifically why it is important to have a flow, plus guiding techniques for all kinds of subjects.

Module Three

Guiding and directing mother and child, father and child, parents as a couple, parents alone, and the whole family.

Module Four

Staying true to yourself as an artist, how to prepare your families, and business and marketing.

BONUS materials

Behind the scenes shooting videos of a family, newborn and large family session.

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