Online Workshops for connection driven Lifestyle Family & Newborn Photographers! 

Welcome to the ultimate hub for Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photography workshops! Here, I'm dedicated to helping you enhance your posing skills, refine your artistic vision, streamline your session workflow, and amplify your business savvy—all in one convenient spot.

But wait, there's more! I've got a game-changing workshop: Schooled, my Boutique School Photography class. It might not be what you were originally searching for, but trust me, it's exactly what you need. Say goodbye to slow seasons, inject cash into your business, and market yourself in a fun and creative way!


If you're passionate about photographing children but have hesitated to delve into school photography, Schooled is here to change your perspective. This comprehensive program equips you with everything you need to establish a flourishing Fine Art School Photography practice. From selecting the right equipment and mastering the art of pitching your services to efficiently managing high-volume orders, I've got you covered.
Say goodbye to slow season and hello to a major cash injection in your photography business! 

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography Made Easy

If the thought of trying to mold beautiful, newborn babies into unnatural shapes with cumbersome props gives you anxiety, Lifestyle Newborn Made Easy will put those fears to rest. Learn everything you need to know about capturing the magical feeling of a family that has just expanded in artistic photographs with minimal intervention. With a focus on safety, simplicity, finding the best indoor light, and maximizing each pose to capture as many images as possible, this course will have you establishing a sacred trust with your clients that will keep them coming back year after year.

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The Lifestyle Approach to Family Photography

Learn all the fundamentals of setting up your lifestyle family photography business for success. Lessons include composition and lighting, using social media to attract your dream clients, pricing yourself for profit, setting up systems for a seamless client experience, and running the kind of stress-free shoots that yield absolutely stunning images.

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Behind the Scenes Bundle: Lifestyle Newborn and Maternity

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall at one of Elena's photoshoots? Ever wondered how the heck she gets those authentic, meaningful, connected photographs? Well now you can see!

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the elena s blair

Are you a photographer looking to level up your photography business in an intimate group setting, with live calls, guest speakers, mindset work, culminating in an in-person retreat? Well then you better apply! 


Tips, tricks, inspiration, and connection! Come on over! 

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