HI, I’M elena

I’m so glad you’re here—something tells me we have a lot in common.

If you'd asked me 17 years ago if I was creative, or an artist, I would have laughed at you. I was working full-time night shifts as a Registered Nurse, had a newborn baby, and was suffering from isolation and exhaustion. Somehow, I thought I had "made it." I mean, I had a Bachelor of Science and a mortgage! What more could a girl want?

Shortly after my son was born, my house was broken into in the middle of the day. It was one of the most violating experiences of my life. My ex and I were broke and in debt up to our ears, so this felt like more than we could handle. Yet for some reason, we spent our insurance check on a new camera, the Canon 50D. Call it what you will, but I don't believe in chance. Something inside me told me to just go for it. Something inside told me I needed an outlet and perhaps photography was it. 

Little did I know, that purchase would 
change my life...

Photography quickly became my obsession and it didn't take me long to realize I loved running a business. Photography unleashed an artist and an entrepreneur that had always been inside me.

A few years ago my life took another turn, my seemingly adoring husband left me and at the same time, lost his job. Quite literally overnight, I found myself a single mom shouldering complete financial responsibility for myself and my three young children. Once again, photography saved me. My passion for this art form solidified my identity. The prosperity of my business took on a whole new meaning. It was a lifeline, the means of survival for my family. Sharing my story has strengthened my purpose which is to create from the heart, earn in a meaningful way, and empower others by providing education and resources so they too can live abundant, authentic, meaningful lives.

I love showing others that they can pursue their dream of becoming a photographer and that they can build a meaningful and profitable business. 

I am a dreamer who believes anything is possible. 

I am truth teller. 

My mission is to share my entire process and my take on the human experience.

I have a sincere desire to build community in the photography industry and beyond.

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three day marketing challenge

This three day marketing challenge will kick start marketing your photography business in three days flat! No more excuses! Lets go!! 

Yes, I am still a working photographer! 

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