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I help photographers level up their art, businesses, and lives. It's the  perfect blend of strategy and mindset work! 

What exactly is A photography mastermind?

My mastermind will give you the skills necessary to build the meaningful, profitable, and sustainable photography business of your dreams all while becoming your highest version of self! 

Your group will be carefully curated—I will only accept members that I believe to be at a similar level in art and business, who share a collective goal of seeing massive personal and professional growth. 


 You will get personalized coaching designed to meet you where you are and get you to your goals. Fast.  


You will learn simple yet effective marketing & business strategies, learn to book your calendar out months in advance and make real money now. 


Kick imposture syndrome to the curb and become the confident photographer you were meant to be! 



charge what you are worth and only take clients you love 


Learn how to market your business in a way that feels easy


learn my strategy to book your calendar out months in advance 


Join a community of like minded photographers 

this is for you.

"My income surged from $12k annually to an impressive $60k the following year (2022), I enrolled a second time and In 2023, my revenue skyrocketed to $105k. Elena’s expertise as an educator is unparalleled, and her guidance has been instrumental in my journey. Not only does she provide invaluable knowledge, but also inspiration, motivating me to achieve greater heights in my career.”

- Tristin Tracy

In this mastermind


+ create an unrecognizable brand

+ implement time saving workflows

+ learn modern marketing strategies that aren't gross

+ learn simple pricing for (major) profitability

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+ gain confidence and bust past imposture syndrome

I approach all things in life from a hollistic point of view

Meaning, I put in a lot of mindset and personal development work and that will be a large part of this program. One of the meetings each month will focus on mindset to help you bust through roadblocks like impostor syndrome (no more playing small), money mindset, leaning into your intuition, and so much more. 

I want you to leave the program feeling more confident, aligned, and fulfilled. I believe building a photography business is an inside job so get prepared to dig deep. 



weekly coaching 

For five months we meet once a week as a group. Each meeting builds on the last and this is where they big learning happens! 


portfolio, pricing, & brand review

You will get a complete brand and portfolio review where I will look over all aspects of your brand so I can create a personalized blueprint to get you to your goals. Fast. 


the retreat  

Each cohort ends in a two day in person retreat. Sponsored by Canon, Millers, B&H, and more. We spend two days growing together as artists, in real life! 

What's included

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Complete portfolio, brand, & pricing review
  • Access to all of my online courses 
  • A private, online community created just for your cohort
  • Accountability partners & pods
  • Alumni mentor support 

"It was a dream to learn from Elena."

The community that she has built is unlike anything I have ever experienced. We are all in it to help and see each other thrive. I was able to share my wins and my hardships through this community. The support I received was terrific. I have found my people, and it feels so good.

— Kate Cagle

“Mastermind was life changing.”

That might seem a bit dramatic, but it is TRUTH. My business doubled over the fall booking season due to the consistent work during the mastermind session. The weekly meetings, while a difficult time for me due to my regular J-O-B, kept me focused and on task. I never wanted to disappoint myself or the team when giving input. The financial piece was a bit of a struggle at first, but once I started implementing the program, I was able to pay the monthly amount with business funds.”

— Amy Ballard

 "by the end of the year I had grossed $82,000!"

The beginning of this year, I officially went full time photography, and I am happy and proud that I have a great groundwork for my business thanks to Elena, her mastermind, and the community of others from my cohort! I have a healthy bank account (for just about the first time ever), feel confident in managing my business and money,and started a self employed pension plan. 

— Margy Nisson


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Would reccomend to another photographer 

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