The Elena S Blair Connection is a collection of education, inspiration, and community to help you reach any creative, life, or business goal you desire.

Hi Friend, I am Elena! Ten years ago I had a toddler at my heels, a newborn in my lap, a camera in my hand, and a dream in my heart. I have built a multi-faceted, mini empire all on my own. I know for a fact that if I can do it, you can do it. I provide education and support for passionate, heart-centered photographers and creatives. I truly believe in abundance and know that community is far more valuable than competition. Welcome to The Elena S Blair Connection!  

Where education connects to heart and soul. Where we rise up together and connect as a community of artists from all around the world.

The Connection is a membership that grants you instant access to every single course I have created, exclusive tutorials and exercises, access to the online community, as well as access to the exclusive by monthly “in depth workshop” where I spend an hour answering your questions! You will also get immediate access to every new course I create, including a highly awaited maternity posing course and a confidence building workshop. 


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Actionable webinars that will leave you informed and motivated.

I never want you to purchase a course that you don’t need. Ever. This is why I have crafted an introductory webinar for every course I have created. This allows you to learn a bit about the subject and decide for yourself it you feel you want to dive deeper.



Intro to fine art school Photography

Take your photography business to the next level with fine art school portraits! Register for this introductory training to see if this course is for you.


lifestyle newborn photography made easy

Learn what you need to know to get started with in-home Lifestyle Newborn Photography that focuses on the simple beauty of Baby Led Posing.

lifestyle family posing photography made easy education elena s blair

lifestyle family posing made easy

Grab a seat and get ready to learn the secrets to connected and emotive Lifestyle Family Photography!

Elena S Blair Education For Photographers art of lifestyle photography

new! Art of lifestyle photography

Create a meaningful, stress free family photography experience that yields beautiful and connected family photos with these easy steps!

Education for the moment driven, soul connected photographer and creative business owner.

I am going teach you how to make meaningful family and newborn photography, and launch boutique school photography, all while building a profitable business you love. I want you to be the best version of you so that you share your creative gifts with the world! 


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Invest in your knowledge weekly by joining me for a Facebook Live every Monday.

Join me weekly as I dive in to both technical and inspirational topics meant to expand your horizons, grow your business, and bring you closer to your goals both big and small! Some Mondays it’ll be just me in my workout clothes in my dining room, and some I will bring in industry experts. Every Monday it’s fun, casual and informative!