The Community Print Competition

The Community Print Competition 

Official Print Competition of The Elena S Blair Mastermind Retreat

Sponsored by Millers Lab & Shootproof

No two artists see the world the same and how we each choose to create art is unique. It is powerful to share our work and to be recognized for our creative uniqueness and excellence. Together we can champion each others vision and creativity. The Community Print Competition is an opportunity to share your unique voice and be recognized for your creative excellence. This is your chance to be an award winning photographer. This is your opportunity to contribute to your creative community.

The Community Print Competition Winners

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Categories and Finalists

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Black & White


Human Face





Real Life


Self Portrait



 Ashley Kaplan (Black & White), Rebecca Lueck (Family), Margaret Nissen (Human Face), Linda Charbonneau (Light), Linda Charbonneau (Movement), Stacey Feasel (Newborn), Kate Cagle (Portrait), Charmaine Robles (Real Life), Evelynne Gomes Greenberg (Romance), Michelle Bliss (Self Portrait), Amanda Zicarelli (Wedding)


Amanda Zicarelli (Black & White), Christina Cacheron(Black & White), Katie Neimer (Family), Leah Oconnel (Family), Amanda Zicarelli (Human Face), Evelynne Gomes Greenberg (Human Face), Jessica Piek (Light), Whitney Meiklejohn (Light), Ashley Kaplan (Movement), The Enloe Creative (Movement), Jill C Smith (Newborn), Niki Jones (Newborn), Katie Niemer (Portrait), Linda Charbonneau (Portrait), Evelynne Gomes Greenberg (Real Life), Linda Charbonneau (Real Life), Jennifer Hyman (Romance), Margot Mckelvie (Romance), Kate Cagle (Self Portrait), Michelle Bliss (Self Portrait), Ashley Kaplan (Wedding), Christel Tran (Wedding)

Amy Mehlos (Black & White), Evelynne Gomes Greenberg (Black & White), Jessica Brown (Black & White), Margaret Nissen (Black & White), Marlo Moody (Black & White), Michelle Bliss (Black & White), Rebecca Lueck (Black & White), Amy Mehlos (Family), Charmaine Robles (Family), Christel Tran (Family), Jen Joseph (Family), Kate Cagle (Family), Niki Jones (Family), Rita Ambrosi (Family), Ashley Kaplan (Human Face), Jill C Smith (Human Face), Kate Cagle (Human Face), Linda Charbonneau (Human Face), Liz Putnam (Human Face), Rita Ambrosi (Human Face), Amanda Zicarelli (Light), Christel Tran (Light), Evelynne Gomes Greenberg (Light), Jaime Bugbee (Light), Jill C Smith (Light), Michelle Bliss (Light), Rebecca Lueck (Light), Alima Blackwell (Movement), Evelynne Gomes Greenberg (Movement), Jessica Brown (Movement), Laura Conlon (Movement), Margot Mckelvie (Movement), Neyssa Lee (Movement), Stacey Feasel (Movement), Amy Mehlos (Newborn), Becky Langseth (Newborn), Casey Thornton (Newborn), Chantalle Fiscus (Newborn), Emily Corak (Newborn), Jessica Brown (Newborn), Leah Oconnell (Newborn), Amy Mehlos (Portrait), Ashley Kaplan (Portrait), Bella Luna Photography (Portrait), Casey Thornton (Portrait), Emily Corak (Portrait), Liz Putnam (Portrait), Stacey Feasel (Portrait), Amanda Zicarelli (Real Life), Becky Langseth (Real Life), Casey Thornton (Real Life), Krista Buresh (Real Life), Michelle Bliss (Real Life), Rita Ambrosi (Real Life), The Enloe Creative (Real Life), Emily Corak (Romance), Jill C Smith (Romance), Linda Charbonneau (Romance), Stacey Feasel (Romance), Amanda Zicarelli (Self Portrait), Amy Mehlos (Self Portrait), Evelynne Gomes Greenberg (Self Portrait), Linda Charbonneau (Self Portrait), Margaret Nissen (Self Portrait), Niki Jones (Self Portrait), Stacey Feasel (Self Portrait), Linda Charbonneau (Wedding)


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