The Lifestyle Approach to Family Photography

The Lifestyle Approach To Family Photography


The Lifestyle Approach To Family Photography

The Lifestyle Approach To Family Photography is a course designed to take the overwhelm out of family photography

It’s time to become the Family Photographer you are meant to be!

And I am not talking just any Family Photographer, I am talking a Family Photographer who captures emotive photographs that set you apart from the crowd. A Family Photographer who is in high demand, working with dream clients who come back year after year!

It’s time to take this whole “photography thing” seriously!

I can show you exactly how to build a profitable Family Photography business while taking stunning Lifestyle Family Photos that make your clients come back for more year after year!

I am going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about Family Photography


This course is a WONDERFUL introduction to Lifestyle Family portraiture. Elena is incredibly generous with her time, knowledge and encouragement. The materials are thorough and in depth and Elena has also included these incredible video extras – true value for money.

If you’re looking for a way to loosen up your sessions and inject them with rich emotional connection then Elena is just the person to teach you how! You’ll come away embracing genuine emotion and connection and loving the life it breathes into your sessions.

— Aimee G.

What exactly am I going to learn?

How to use natural light during on location Family Photo Shoots

✔️How I select my camera settings


✔️How to select locations

✔️How to find your creative Family Photo vision

✔️How to prepare both yourself and your clients before the shoot

✔️Website, blog, and social media optimization to attract more Lifestyle Family Photo clients

✔️How to run a family session from start to finish with my tried and true repeatable Family Session Workflow

✔️Difficult situations like working with teens, busy toddlers, and everything in between

✔️Editing strategy to save you time and keep you away from trends

✔️Pricing for profit

✔️Business systems to make your Family biz run like a well oiled machine

✔️EVERYTHING you need to know to run a successful Family Session and a successful Family Photography business

Elena’s course is easy to watch and very engaging. I love the way Elena works. Her business approach, especially the ‘All Inclusive’ pricing model, makes good sense to me. Sounds like a great approach for both photographer and client. Before I had watched this workshop I did not know where to even start, but this course has really boosted my confidence!

— W. Parker

What you will achieve with The Lifestyle Approach To Family Photography:

⬛️ How to run a completely stress free Family Photo Shoot

Imagine showing up to your Family Photo Shoots completely confident that you will be able to stay calm, in control, and creative all while providing an incredible experience for the family you are capturing that will result in a gallery full of BEAUTIFUL, timeless photographs! I am going to walk you step by step through the workflow that will make stress free photos shoots your new normal!

⬛️ How to focus on Connection > Perfection to easily capture emotive Lifestyle Family Photos

No more stiff and boring family photos! You will now have the skills to make every single family you capture unfold in front of you so that you can stand out in a saturated market with meaningful, full of life, full of love, family photos! We are talking laughter, snuggles, movement, and every emotion in-between. Imagine leaving every session knowing that you have a camera full of images that boast beautiful light and deep connection!

I am gong to teach you my tips and strategies for getting it right in camera so you can focus on what you love, capturing families!

⬛️ How to price yourself for PROFIT

You can stop overcomplicating your pricing model. This course is going to teach you how to price yourself for profit once and for all! Once we get through the “how to run a family session” part we are going to talk about how to make you some money!! You can make as much money as you want with this Family Photography biz and I am going to show you exactly how! I built my business from the ground up and now make three times what I made as a NICU nurse and I am going to break it down for you.

⬛️ Simple systems for editing, proofing, gallery delivery, up-sells, and more!

Imagine if your business could run like a well oiled machine! Oh, and what if you could cut your editing time in half or MORE? This course is going to be like you are looking over my shoulder, a real behind the scenes look into how I run everything in my Family Photography business! From client communication, to marketing, to editing, to gallery delivery, I am going to show everything!

This was exactly what I needed to learn at this point in my business. It is helping me focus my “why” and set costs accordingly. Thank you for creating such an all-inclusive class!

— N. Clay

What do the modules look like?

Module One:

  • What is lifestyle and how to market yourself as a lifestyle photographer

  • How marketing yourself as a lifestyle photographer brings in perfect clients 

  • Camera settings and how they pertain to Lifestyle Photography. ISO, Shutter Speed, F stop

  • Light and how it pertains to Lifestyle Photography 

  • Composition and how it pertains to Lifestyle Photography 

  • Locations. How to choose the right locations and pay attention to light and environmental elements at that location. Complete with videos of me walking through each type of location. 

  • Connection! How to connect with your subjects but also how to create connection between your subjects AND how to create connection with the viewer. 

  • How to develop your own unique artistic vision.

    Module Two:

  • How to prepare YOU before the shoot 

  • Website optimized for lifestyle photography 

  • Social media optimized for lifestyle photography 

  • The client experience. How to take them from inquiry to booking seamlessly.

  • Client education. How to set up contact forms that convert to bookings, faq pages that educate, blogs that serve and bring in clients, and emails that you can copy and paste. 

  • My simple approach to getting to know families fast before the shoot even happens

  • My method for making connection happen during each session while still maintaining order and control 

  • My “rules” of family photography to get you prepped for taking the session head on

    Module Three:

  • My step by step repeatable family session flow that will take all the overwhelm out of photographing families 

  • Walk thoughts of complete family session galleries demonstrating the flow 

  • Examples of full galleries

    Module Four:

  • My simple business model 

  • Pricing 

  • Online business strategies 

  • Time saving systems 

  • My approach to editing efficiently 

  • Gallery delivery and easy online ordering experience

Worth Every Cent!! Elena Blair is grounded, down to earth, and has a wealth of knowledge that has me looking at my photography business in an entirely new light. Owning being a mum with a camera is a big thing for me. Elana has helped me feel comfortable again with how I shoot and produce my images. Thank you!!

— K. Tatti

Tips, tricks, inspiration, and connection! Come on over! 

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