Lifestyle photography, especially with families, has surged in popularity. Many new photographers mistakenly believe that lifestyle photography involves just observing and capturing candid moments. However, successful lifestyle photographers know that these moments are often carefully crafted. Here are seven tips to help you execute a successful lifestyle family session. 7 tips to help you execute […]

Seven Tips for Executing a Successful Lifestyle Family Session

June 28, 2024

Ask any photographer, and they will tell you that one of the hardest things about being an artist is taking yourself seriously. Ask any photographer who started as a “mom with a camera,” and they will tell you it’s even harder. The very term “mom with a camera” has been somewhat derogatory, disempowering women and […]

Why it’s ok to be a “Mom with a Camera”

June 21, 2024

Throughout the Photography industry there is talk of how our industry is struggling. But what I see, is an industry that is thriving. I’m excited to kick off a success share blog for our thriving industry to show that if you do the work you too can have a successful thriving business. I reached out […]

Success Stories in the Photography Industry in 2024 | Elena S Blair Education

June 17, 2024

The ESB Education Group is a Photographer’s Online Community which is one of, if not the most, positive Facebook Groups for Photographers out there. What happens each month is at the beginning of a new month we call upon the Elena S Blair Photography Education Community to submit 1 photo to the Monthly Cover Contest. […]

Photography Contest Top 10 | The Elena S Blair Education Monthly Cover Contest

June 15, 2024

When I work with a family, my main goals are to capture love, connection, and a little piece of humanity. Within any family dynamic, there is so much to be captured, and my aim is to showcase those beautiful, fleeting moments. I specifically want to create relaxed lifestyle family photos for each family that I […]

How to Capture Relaxed Lifestyle Family Photos

June 14, 2024

With the popularity of lifestyle photography, the word “pose” has become somewhat taboo. It irks me when I scroll through social media and see a well-known lifestyle photographer claim, “I just love candid moments.” Why is this a pet peeve of mine? Because the reality is that even in lifestyle photography, a significant amount of […]

The Truth About Posing in Lifestyle Photography

June 7, 2024

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