Rules For Submission

  • Only one submission per category, per person
  • Submitted files must be high resolution, and have a proper signed model release You submitting to this comp gives us permission to use photos to market the print comp and to be used on our social media platforms and websites, always with credit. 
  • Must have completed the session form (linked below), and images uploaded into the correct dropbox folder for your preferred categories (linked below)
  • Submitted files must be titled with the format “ArtistsFullName_Category”

All submissions must be in by May 3, 2024

By submitting your image, you agree to having your image used for marketing purposes and shared by Elena S Blair on Instagram, Facebook, and, along with being printed and displayed at The Elena S Blair Mastermind Retreat
No two artists see the world the same and how we each choose to create art is unique. It is powerful to share our work and to be recognized for our creative uniqueness and excellence. Together we can champion each others vision and creativity. The Community Print Competition is an opportunity to share your unique voice and be recognized for your creative excellence. This is your chance to be an award winning photographer. This is your opportunity to contribute to your creative community. 
Do you want to be an award winning photographer?
Well then you are in the right place!  

Your submissions will go through a preliminary round of judging by team Elena S Blair using a rubric. You will be judged on light, composition, style, emotion, and edit. 

Top ten from each category will be placed in a judging thread in the Elena S Blair Facebook community. A true community competition, your peers will judge by picking their favorites. 
This is how the top three will be selected. 

How does it work?

the elena s blair

Are you a photographer looking to level up your photography business in an intimate group setting, with live calls, guest speakers, mindset work, culminating in an in-person retreat? Well then you better apply! 


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