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If someone doesn’t want to pay your prices it’s not that they can’t afford you, it’s that they don’t value your services!

A very common thing that I hear a lot of my students say is “I don’t want to price out my ideal client.” or “I know who my ideal client is and they can’t afford me.”

I am going to give it to you straight – your ideal client isn’t “ideal” if they can’t afford your pricing. But here is the hard truth… it’s not that they can’t afford you, it’s that they don’t see the value in your services, which of course is your photography and the value of your business as a whole. Let’s unpack this together and shift our focus from dollars to the real essence of our photography businesses.

Affordability vs. Value: The Fine Line

Sure, it’s tempting to see the ideal client as someone who can comfortably pay your prices. After all, we’re running a business, right? However, it’s crucial to recognize that the ability to afford your services is only one side of the coin. The flip side is whether they truly value what you offer.

What Does Being Your Ideal Client Really Mean?

Being your ideal client isn’t just about financial capacity; it’s about valuing your photography and the entire experience your business provides. Your services are not merely a transaction; they’re an investment in capturing memories, emotions, and moments that last a lifetime. The value is also in the experience you provide which should be in complete alignment with what your ideal client needs and desires. Your ideal client recognizes and cherishes that value.

Shift Your Focus to Value, Not Just Dollars

As photographers, we often get caught up in the numbers – how much to charge, comparing rates, and worrying about pricing strategies. But here’s the truth: the real magic lies in the value we bring. Take a moment to reflect on what makes your photography special, the unique moments you capture, and the unforgettable experiences you create for your clients. Think about what makes your experience unique. Is it the products you provide, the ease of booking, the quickness of your turn around time? Every business will bring value in different ways. ✨

The Business of Creating Memories

Your photography is not just a service; it’s a storyteller, a memory maker, and an emotion evoker. When your ideal client chooses you, it’s not just a financial transaction; it’s an acknowledgment of the value you bring into their lives. So, instead of stressing over pricing, let’s redirect our energy to showcasing the magic and uniqueness of what we do.

The Takeaway: Focus on Value

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not just about making a sale; it’s about creating a meaningful connection with your clients. When they understand the value you provide, the dollars become a secondary consideration. Shift your mindset from worrying about what they can afford to showcasing what they gain – the priceless memories and experiences through your lens.

Let’s remember that our ideal clients aren’t just paying for photographs; they’re investing in a journey, a story, and an everlasting memory. ✨

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