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5 Things Any Photographer Can Blog About Right Away

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You have heard it a million times, you have to blog if you want good SEO. But what do you do if you don’t have fresh content to blog about? This can be especially troublesome for photographers who don’t have a high volume of shoots as you might not always have a new family to share each week.

Well girlfriend, we got you covered. Here are five topics you can blog about right away that will keep your blog fresh and your readers engaged.

  1. A what to wear guide! You guys, if you don’t have one of these already, do this now. What to wear guides get so much traffic and are very helpful for your future and present clients. This doesn’t need to be complicated. A few simple tips can go a long way and serve a lot of value.

  2. A day in the life post. Not only is this super interesting for your readers but it is fun to create. Document what a day in your busy work from home life looks like and blog about it.

  3. A before and after edit post. It is super interesting for your readers to see the process behind your edits. Show them a straight out of camera shot and then the edited version. This shows your clients how much love and care you put into their images and is interesting for your fellow photographers who are readers as well.

  4. What is in your photography bag. People love to know what camera gear you use. Share the lenses you own and include a few examples of photos taken with those lenses.

  5. Why photography matters to you. Sure, your readers know you are a photographer. But do they know why? Share why you choose to be a photographer and why it is important. This will create connection with your readers and humanize you.

There you go! Now you have five weeks worth of blog post ideas ready to go! Happy blogging!

If you want EVEN MORE business tips, check out the rest of the blog, Connect The Dots, where I share tips and tricks for art and business every week! 



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