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Clubhouse Show Notes – Room With Chloe Ramirez and Elena S Blair

February 24 – 1:00pm 

Creating Connection in Family Photos 

~with Chloe Ramirez


  • Chloe: lifestyle family, couples, and weddings; emotive lifestyle photographer

  • Elena: lifestyle family and newborn; connection/humans are what it’s about!

Topic: What do you do to prepare for a family session before meeting the family? 

  • Chloe: before she had a process, she had trouble connecting on that deeper level

    • What could she implement that was easy?

    • Solution: detailed questionnaire that is completely geared toward love and connection; putting them in a nostalgic mood

      • When did you first say I love you? 

      • What do you want to freeze in time about each of your kids right now?

      • *Opens her eyes to the ways this family naturally connects

  • Elena: Also uses Honeybook for questionnaire

    • Tell me what you want me to know about each family member

Everyone wants to know about dads! 

  • Elena: uses dads to support mom and love the family; make it easy for them!; “I come in peace”

  • Chloe: it’s easier to get dads out of their heads – give them an expectation and they will rise to meet it. 

Topic: Do you have a routine or workflow that you use in your session? 


  • Family + kids – get that shot FIRST

  • Mom with kids

  • Dad with kids

  • Always ends with couple together

  • Never shoots just kids together

  • Leaves space on questionnaire for specific requests

Elena: Having a workflow helps new artist prevent feelings of chaos

  • Full family

  • Each kid alone quickly

  • Mom with kids

  • Dad with kids

  • Let kids play while photographing mom and dad together

  • Mom by herself

  • All kids together

  • **Makes sure to note that no poses or arrangements are guaranteed

Both: Setting client expectations with clear communication is a must

Topic: Top TWO tips for how you get clients to relax quickly? 

Chloe: 1) constantly talking to build trust 2) tell them to never be still! Encouraging movement creates a cinematic feel

Elena: 1) get on kid’s level immediately; connect with each one using their name 2) adjusts her energy to mirror the vibe of the family

Elena: If you want to see what a photographer is afraid of losing, see what they take photos of! I don’t want my mothers to live a life undocumented!

Chloe: Yes – and you can use that to attract your ideal clients, too. 

Elena: You’re such a romantic – it’s no wonder you love to focus on couples and capture their love and connection!

*Open for audience questions*

Question 1: When you send out a questionnaire, what do you do if your client doesn’t respond well to it? 

Chloe: Sends her after booking is paid; tells them it’s a part of her artistic process; sets the expectation that they aren’t bothering her

Elena: communicates that she needs details to “make the session the best it can be”

Question 2: I’m new to photography and such an empath – how you turn a bad day around with a client and not feel overwhelmed by it? 

Chloe: See yourself as her – tell her what you would need to hear; let her know you understand!

Elena: yes! Let them know you understand; having a routine and staying in control of the shoot also helps them relax within your framework

Question 3: I don’t send a framework because I don’t know what to ask! Can you get samples? 

Chloe: Mine are so targeted – they all focus on putting the couple in a nostalgic mood

  • What questions are going to help you as an artist? 

  • Ask specific personality traits of each family member

  • (will also ask music preferences – clues into their personal style

  • *remember – don’t put an item in there if it doesn’t inspire you!

Elena: There is no one way to do this and your biggest super power is you! Trust your gut!

Question 4: Words don’t come easily to me – I feel like I take too long to speak

Chloe: public speaking hack – write down 3 talking points to bring up when conversation isn’t flowing

Elena: that might just mean that you attract people who are comfortable with a more reserved style. Who you are comes across in your art – practice and you will be more comfortable with experience

Room concluded – message Elena and Chloe with requests for future room topics 

Learn more about Chloe on Instagram or her Website!

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