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Clubhouse Show Notes – Room With NYC Photographer Jeff Rojas and Elena S Blair

February 22 – 4:00pm

“Avoiding Photographer Burnout with a repeatable workflow: 

~ with Jeff Rojas

  • Introduction to speakers and how they met

  • Define what burnout looks like to each

    • Jeff: hives, escapism, video games for days, procrastination

    • Elena: You don’t know what it looks like until you’ve hit rock bottom; productivity as a means of procrastination – easy trap to fall into

  • Jeff: We all have the same 168 hours a week; responsibilities might change, but we have the same hours

    • Prioritize and find purposeful time

    • Even if you work 60 hours a week, you still have 108 hours for WONDERFUL other things

    • Allot your time purposefully according to the week instead of a 24-hour day

    • Allocate and prioritize

  • Elena: no such thing as balance, but yes for harmony! 

    • Dig deep with kids sometimes and others with work

    • Batch working helps focus on main things

  • Jeff asked – how do you speak to your kids? How do you get them involved in the process? 

  • Elena: very honestly; speaking to them as adults

    • Remember: our boundaries are just as important as a partner’s

    • My kids see me balancing

    • I also get HELP – when we let people onto our team it frees us to do the work we need to do

  • Jeff: on delegating – how do you find the right team? That seems to backfire for him

  • Elena: It’s a learning curve! 

    • Through trial and error

    • I’ve learned i need autonomous workers for the way I do business

  • Jeff: you don’t want to hire people who want to be just like you! 

  • Jeff: Can we discuss being mindful of burnout when it’s happening and how it’s happening; for him, escapism/falling into old patterns

  • Elena: you need to identify your triggers; when you feel yourself falling into old patterns

  • Jeff: what do you do when you come to take? Pause and disappear (from the industry) for a bit? How do you get away from the old patterns? 

    • He stays off social media

    • Gets away from people

    • Remind self of your purpose/why

    • “If I just focus on the work, I get burned out. If I go back to my roots, then I can recenter.”

  • Elena: It can also be cyclical or seasonal in the photography world. 

    • So I refocus on how to take care of myself when it’s slow. 

    • So she’s ready when it picks back up. 

  • Jeff: how do you pursue your passion without it feeling like work? 

  • Elena: it’s the people for me; fills her up

    • I know i’m getting to the end of busy season when I dread going to shoots

    • That’s what triggers my attention to slow down and take stock (and raise my prices!) 

    • I also stay passionate by working with the people I want to work with. 

    • Good discernment is key – whether choosing clients or team members

  • Jeff: How does change in environment impact you? 

  • Elena: travel is huge; new spaces and people are inspiring; plus the networking bit is exciting

  • Jeff: the second I can escape, i do; it centers me – even if it’s just sitting in the car instead of at a desk

  • Elena: How do you set work boundaries? 

  • Jeff: tonight i’m working through the night! 

    • Explained a bit; basically has fewer distractions at night time

  • Elena: is opposite; if it doesn’t get done during business day hours, it’s not happening 

Elena opens up for questions talking about productivity and burnout; hers looks like low-level depression, which is contrary to her energetic nature

Question 1: (was more of a comment) burned out photographer took all of January off and said it helped so much

Elena: takes bravery to do that! Fear makes you think you can’t bring back your momentum

Question 2: Just starting out, really appreciates all E & J are saying; clients aren’t jumping on her, so she’s taking what she can get – still wants to attract people she want sto work with

Elena: No shame in having to pay the bills! Patience with the process will pay off, though

Jeff: Make sure you’re charging for the right client and educating them, too. 

Question 3: Does avoiding burnout include outsourcing for you? 

Elena: YES! 

Jeff: Yes, normally! 

Question 4: Her perception – lower priced competition is slowing her bookings (20 years in biz)

Jeff: Are you sure? 

Elena: I know it’s not your competition! 

>>walked through several steps of marketing strategy with pricing, competition, and willingness to adapt to changing landscapes. What worked 20 years ago isn’t going to work now<<

Question 5: Has there ever been a time when fear held you back more than burnout? 

Jeff: workout analogy – spend so long studying that you never do an actual pushup

Elena: you have to decide to do, not consume

Jeff: make a Time-wasters folder on your phone – put all social there! 

Question 6: cut out a lot – worried about overlap as she works as a mental health pro and photographer

Elena: As a NICU nurse, there was some crossover! But you’re probably getting more in your own way considering how big your client base has the potential to be

Signed off – visit Elena’s Education; follow Jeff’s YouTube channel

Learn more about Jeff Rojas on Instagram, Youtube, and his Website!

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