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Community Leader Feature | The Elena S Blair Education Facebook Group | Carol Bean


The Elena S Blair Education Facebook Group is one of the most positive and active Facebook Communities for Lifestyle Photographers on the internet.

Elena S Blair has, over the years, cultivated a community of photographers that wants to uplift and support each other. The true definition of Community Over Competition. Within the Facebook group are group experts known as Community Leaders. Our Community Leaders, in the Facebook community, lead with compassion. These Leaders really help foster positivity within the Facebook group and support community members with their questions as well as, provide valuable information/content on their area of expertise.

We will be highlighting each of our talented Community Leaders each month! Keep reading to see who we are highlighting this month!

Community Leader – Carol Bean

Today we talk with Community Leader Carol Bean from Massachusetts.

What genre(s) do you photograph and how long have you been in business?

I have been in business for almost 3 years and I photograph family, newborn, branding and schools.

What would you say is your photography super power?

Understanding people’s insecurities.

What is your favorite personal development resource and why? Podcast, books, IG accounts? Please share one or two.

Spirit Daughter, even if you don’t subscribe to astrology, she has insightful monthly workbooks that can help anyone work through blocks and insecurities. It has helped me stay on track and find more alignment in life.

Who are your favorite photographers?

Lyndsay Hannah Photography and B Fresh Photography are local to Massachusetts and I really admire their work. I love following Mandy Liz Photography as I’m pivoting into branding/commercial photography. And of course, Elena for her educational resources, business knowledge and coaching.

How do you find the courage to be different?

Oh, that doesn’t come easy. It seems easier to follow what everyone else is doing and think you’ll be successful if you do the same. That is what I’ve always thought. But this year I realized following your intuition, acting on it and not giving up on what lights you up, is where you find success. And that is unique to each person.

Did you have a tipping point…like when you knew you had “made it?”

I’m not sure I’ll ever say I’ve “made it.” This year I have followed my passion for personal branding and entrepreneurship and I’ve put myself out there in ways I never imagined I could. I’ve been busy, and opportunities keep coming. And while I sometimes feel overwhelmed, I’m grateful and truly have “made it” to that feeling that I am a professional photographer, with a successful, fulfilling business.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to someone who was just starting out?

Invest in yourself. So many photographers focus on the gear and the need to try/have everything. If you don’t have the confidence, or systems in place, it will be a struggle to grow. Elena has this encouraging and knowledgeable FB community, but I have also invested in her level 1 & 2 masterminds. The personal growth and community that comes with that is so valuable. It provides you with photography co-workers. Friends to bounce ideas off of, commiserate with, but most importantly for me is the community helps me maintain consistency, to keep going.

You can see more from Carol and connect with her on her website and on her IG account.


If you are searching for a positive photography community on the internet to connect and learn from others, The Elena S Blair Education Facebook Group is the place for you. You can join today by clicking the button below. We would love to have you. See you there!

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