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The Elena S Blair Education Facebook Group is one of the most positive and active Facebook Communities for Lifestyle Photographers on the internet.

Elena S Blair has, over the years, cultivated a community of photographers that wants to uplift and support each other. The true definition of Community Over Competition. Within the Facebook group are group experts known as Community Leaders. Our Community Leaders, in the Facebook community, lead with compassion. These Leaders really help foster positivity within the Facebook group and support community members with their questions as well as, provide valuable information/content on their area of expertise.

We will be highlighting each of our talented Community Leaders each month! Keep reading to see who we are highlighting this month!

Community Leader – Neyssa Lee

Today we talk with Community Leader Neyssa Lee from Seattle, WA.

What genre(s) do you photograph and how long have you been in business?

I have been in business over 13 years and I photograph newborns, maternity, and families.

What would you say is your photography super power?

As a mom of 6, I’m used to chaos, noise and craziness. I’m great at helping families relax while making the experience fun and laid back.

What is your favorite personal development resource and why? Podcast, books, IG accounts? Please share one or two.

Right now I’m obsessed with Jay Shetty’s Book, “Think Like a Monk” and his Podcast, “On Purpose.” Jay is about leaning into your true purpose without expecting perfection. He gives very practical steps to get started.

Who are your favorite photographers?

I love Brooke Shultz, Me Ra Koh, Chubby Cheek Photography, and Elena, of course!

How do you find the courage to be different?

Honestly, I never feel like I fit in. I’m a huge nerd not “the cool kid” so I lean into that. I root down into what’s most important and why I pick up my camera – which is family is a gift not a given. This helps me focus on doing what I love, the way I love to do it.

Did you have a tipping point…like when you knew you had “made it?”

“Making it” is a funny term to me. When I knew I was successful was when I had a fall where I had people begging for sessions but I couldn’t fit anyone else in. I had to refer people out. Turning people away and being able to send other photographers referrals made me realize that yes, people want to work with me!

What is one piece of advice that you would give to someone who was just starting out?

I would caution against trying to rush the process. Things will feel clunky in the beginning. You won’t have your brand or messaging or flow of sessions right away. However, that will come with time. Pick 1 or 2 things to focus on at a time and work on them. No one expects you to have it all figured out right away.

You can see more from Neyssa and connect with her on her website and on her IG account.


If you are searching for a positive photography community on the internet to connect and learn from others, The Elena S Blair Education Facebook Group is the place for you. You can join today by clicking the button below. We would love to have you. See you there!

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