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Elena S Blair Education and Community Review | Naomi Boyer

Naomi Boyer

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What classes of Elena’s have you taken?

I’ve taken most, if not all, of her classes beginning with Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography on CreativeLive, then Family Posing Made Easy, Schooled, and Lifestyle Newborn Made Easy.

What was your number 1 take away from your favorite class?

My number one takeaway from Get Started with Lifestyle Family Photography (as a fairly green photographer) was to have a structure to begin with and then color outside of the lines as inspiration strikes. It’s easy to think that we as artists need to create something brand new and unique every time that we show up for a photo session, but what that does is put a lot of unnecessary stress on needing to have a fresh new game plan every single time. What we fail to realize is that every family we interact with is unique so their interactions will likewise be unique to themselves. You can place them in the same exact pose as another family and get completely different results, but you have to have the structure in place first to be able to take it in a different direction as you work with that family.

Are you part of Elena’s facebook community? What kind of support do you receive from her community and why would you encourage someone else to join?

Yes, I am part of the Facebook community group. It is truly a goldmine for photographers of all levels. Being able to freely ask questions of other photographers who are further down the road than I am (and not feel stupid or put down for not knowing something) has been a HUGE part of my development. As I have grown, I’ve been able to pass along my own knowledge to others, and the cycle continues. Being part of the online community that fostered so much creativity and positivity was incredible especially when starting out and dealing with imposter syndrome. I grew leaps and bounds the year that I joined.

Write freely… what would you like to say about Elena and her classes to help others who may be on the fence about joining a course?

I think that one of the reasons Elena is so successful in her work is not her photography skills exactly but her ability to make a connection with the people she is working with. She says it all the time, “connection over perfection,” and this comes through strongly in her online presence, her teaching style, and the videos where you see her interacting with a family as she photographs them. You see people respond to her heartfelt IG posts. You see them light up when she arrives to photograph them. And my bet is that when your course is finished you will feel like you could go out for drinks afterwards with her. Elena connects with her audience just like she connects with her clients, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that the teacher is just as important as the content. You want someone who will model for you how to draw out your client, form a meaningful connection, and elicit the kinds of emotions you are looking for between family members. Elena is that person. She has shown me how to bring my whole self to the table. I’ve cried with clients. I’ve laughed with them. Elena led the way.

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