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The Elena S Blair MasterMind is a 5 month online Group Coaching Program that will propel its students into more successful, more purposeful and more aligned Photographers, and human beings. Together they will also form bonds, with like minded individuals, that will last a life time. This is one Student’s experience after having completed the MasterMind Program.



What was your favorite part of the Mastermind?

The incredible community of photographers that I now belong to. We will continue to stay in touch and serve as a sounding board and source of inspiration for each other.


Who was your favorite guest speaker and why?

D’Arcy Benincosa – her financial archetype presentation was brilliant and helped me better understand some of my own money stories. Also Sandra Coan – I never thought I would consider doing mini sessions, but hearing her presentation opened my mind to the role they could play in my business.





How did you hear about the Mastermind?

I have been on Elena‘s email list since first discovering her on Creative Live years ago. I reached out to her for 1:1 mentoring, and she encouraged me to apply for her Mastermind experience.


What was the number one thing holding you back from joining?

I had to commit to both the time and financial investment before I could join. However, having weekly access to Elena and a group of talented photographers over six months was definitely worth it. Also, I worried that the content would overlap with Elena’s other courses (which I had taken), but the Mastermind experience is much broader and deeper.



Time to brag!!! Please share all of the things that you gained from the mastermind. This is your time to list out all of your accomplishments from the past six months!

1. I held my first mini-session photo offering.

2. I gained a sisterhood of amazing photographers.

3. I gained confidence in charging my CODB for my work. I refined my photo package offerings and settled on my pricing strategy.

4. I broadened my vision of who I am as a photographer and will continue to explore offerings that align with my “WHY”.

5. I improved my SEO, clients are now finding me on Google.

6. I committed to developing the documentary line of my business and enrolled in a mentorship for the beginning of 2022.

What advice would you give to your past self, six months ago, who was wondering if she should join this mastermind?

Just do it. This experience offers community, inspiration, self care support and solid photography business content. It will help you grow in areas you can’t predict today.

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