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The Elena S Blair MasterMind is a 5 month online Group Coaching Program that will propel its students into more successful, more purposeful and more aligned Photographers, and human beings. Together they will also form bonds, with like minded individuals, that will last a life time. This is one Student’s experience after having completed the MasterMind Program.



What was your favorite part of the Mastermind?

The growth; business, financially and personally. It changes your life.


Who was your favorite guest speaker and why?

My favorite guest speaker was probably D’Arcy Bennicosa. Her talk honed in on what was going to hold me back financially and emotionally.



How did you hear about the Mastermind?

Following Elena on Instagram.


What was the number one thing holding you back from joining?

Having just started my business 4 months prior, I didn’t feel like I was seasoned enough.



Time to brag!!! Please share all of the things that you gained from the mastermind. This is your time to list out all of your accomplishments from the past six months!

First and foremost I was given confidence. Confidence to explore every corner of MY photography journey. Confidence to just make that post, write that blog, share my life however I want, be whoever I want. I am a struggling perfectionist and having someone like Elena give permission to just go do something that brings you joy no matter how messy, was an absolute freeing experience. She didn’t set parameters on what your photography should look like, or how your business should be. She guides you to be your truest form.

In the 6 months I was in the masterminds I made more than I ever thought I would in my first year of business. I booked my first school and they asked me to return next year, then was approached by another school unsolicited. I am second shooting for weddings, which was something I have always wanted to do. I found that what I love about weddings is the day of pampering and showering the bride, her beautiful dress, and all the love! I found could recreate some of that for my beautiful mom’s by having a client closet. I have invested in several gorgeous dresses for mom’s and children.

I had the courage to quit my job and allow me to stay home with my kids. I am strong willed and want to make my own money. Had I not started my photography business I would feel stuck in my job to continue making money, but with photography it replaced the income I was bringing home!!

What advice would you give to your past self, six months ago, who was wondering if she should join this mastermind?

Just FREAKING DO IT!!! You will not regret it and you will be a better person for it!

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