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It is safe to say that Schooled has changed the businesses and artistry of hundreds, if not thousands of photographers all over the world!

Schooled gives you all the tools to implement a different style of school photography. No stiff or kitschy posing or prompting to say cheese! Just a simple backdrop and room for each child to shine.

This course has caught the eye of many photographers because it provides a different approach to school photography than the norm that we have become accustomed to. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear the reviews and testimonials from real students of the Schooled Course!

Many students say that Schooled has helped to transform their business by adding income and putting them right in front of their ideal client!

Schooled has allowed me to grow my business in the ways I want. I am still a part time business, but I now I have 4 regular schools that average about $3-4000/school. I am only taking the schools I want to do. I follow the methods you taught in Schooled almost to a “T”. It goes smoothly, it is a good system, and every school appreciates the ease of picture day with me compared to the bigger companies. I am acquiring more families from my schools these past two years. Thanks for such a helpful, instructional course, it contained 100% everything I needed to run a school photo day well!

  • Wendy Sulzer

Photos by Sam Gilmore Leisure Lane Photography

“I’ve been a photographer for 5ish years part time and found your course through Andrew at Photobizx.

Before adding kindy (childcare) photos and doing your course I grossed about $37k in 2020.

I did the Schooled course late 2020 and shot a single kindy that October.

2021 I grossed around $80k with kindy photos making up 90% of that.

This year I’m heading towards $140-150k for the calendar year again with about 90% of that being kindy shoots and this is all while I’ve still got my 2.5 day per week job (for now).”

  • Sam Gilmore

“Schooled has helped my business immensely…the first year I brought in around $20,000 just from schools alone. The second year I’m estimating will be around $28,000. In addition to the income boost from schools, I’m regularly getting sessions booked by families from the schools I photograph.”

  • Natalie Starks

Photo by Anna Graf

“Taking the Schooled course kept me in business. I took the course in the summer of 2019 thinking it would be a good addition to my business once my kiddo goes into kindergarten. I had just 3 small schools that Fall and loved working with the small private schools. Then 2020 hit and the 3 schools stayed with me and were pretty much my only business that year as I ended up a SAHM trying to get some work and balance a kiddo at home. I worked on my SEO and reached out to schools in the Spring and Summer of 2021 and booked 6 schools for October. I made over half my income in just 6 weeks last fall. This year I still have 5 of the 6 (I fired one school because we weren’t a good fit) and picked up 3 more. It’s a flurry of work during the busiest season for photographers but I love it so much. Going back to the schools year after year with kiddos remembering me and my silly questions is just the best.”

  • Anna Graf

Photo by Lyndsay Mills McNiff

Some schooled students have said that they gained confidence in their ability to photograph children and that the course opened their eyes to a different way to take a child’s headshot!

“…this course gave me the confidence to even attempt portraits. I used to think there was no way to take a lifestyle/documentary approach to a classic portrait, but this course completely changed my mind. I am looking forward to working with another photographer on my first school in September!”

  • Lyndsay Mills McNiff

“By investing in Elena’s course I was given all (really all) of the tools and advice needed to open up an entire new revenue stream for my business. I adore photographing lifestyle sessions. I love the energy of them and creating images full of connection and love is important to me. So I had not previously thought that more traditional portraiture (let alone “school portraits”) would be my thing. But Elena shows you how to inject “you” into your school portraits. And how to elevate a “head and shoulders snap” to fine art. Having taken Elena’s courses before I knew that she is a generous and open teacher. That continues here where she lays her business model bare and shows you everything you need to know. If you’re looking for ways to expand your business and deepen your revenues this course is a no brainer.”

  • Aimee Giucina

“As a lifestyle family photographer, capturing the true essence of a child is the purpose with which I set out in every photo shoot. I have found most sideline incomes in photography to require me to “sell out” to who I really am as an artist. Elena has shown me how I can be true to myself by offering fine art school portraits, and provided a tried and trusted business path that is clear and easy to follow, without having to invent the wheel twice.”

  • Rochelle Hepworth

“This class has really elevated my business by giving me a new platform and a new “style” of photography. I initially took it because of the business opportunity of working with schools, but I have discovered that I love fine art portraiture. I’ve had so much fun and I feel like I’ve grown a lot as an artist and photographer. The class also gives you a perfect balance of artistic guidance, technical photography teaching, and logistical and business information. I can’t overstate how valuable this has been for me!

  • Casey Tressler

Photo by Casey Tressler

Most students will say that the course is jam packed with all the information that you need to implement fine art school photography right away!

Photo By Emily Cannata

“Schooled has been such an asset to have in my photography tool box! Elena is an absolute wealth of knowledge and her approach has allowed me to bring in additional income each year! My school schedule is constantly filled and I have schools on a waiting list.

Families LOVE having a new approach to the stale images they’ve been conditioned to except; personality portraits ARE desired and valued!

Schooled, and the success it has brought, is proof!”

  • Emily Cannata

“I loved this course, because it was so generously filled with information about every aspect of photographing school portraits from start to finish. It provided me everything I needed know having never done school portraits before and allowed me to expand and diversify my business in a way I hadn’t previously thought of or considered. One of the best investments I’ve made in my photography education for sure.”

  • Jenny Schmitt

“Elena made starting out in boutique school photography organized and fun while taking all the dread out of it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Elena has a tried and true method that is simple and effective.”

  • Julia Lorraine

“I’ve been pondering offering fine art school portraits for a few years, but didn’t have the details put together in my head. Elena’s course not only filled in all the blanks for me, but her enthusiastic encouragement and the camaraderie and ideas among the other photographers in the Facebook Group are benefits I can’t begin to put a price on. I’ve got a few schools lined up already and can’t wait to grow this business more!

  • Carol Davis

Photo by Carol Davis – Desert Bloom Photography

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