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Four Signs That It Is Time To Raise Your Photography Prices

Pricing can be a stressful experience for Photographers. 

With so many factors to consider, like your level of experience, your time investment, your clients’ needs, what other photographers in your market are charging — you might be tempted to set your rates on the low end while you build up a following. And chances are, you’ll get bookings at those rates, because **spooky Hallowe’en voice** bargain hunters are EVERYWHERE! Mwa ha ha. 

But in the long run, you aren’t doing anyone any favors by undercharging. If you’re seeing any of the following signs, it’s time to raise your rates, pronto!

You’re booked months in advance

You know what the mom grapevine is like. When someone finds a contractor that does excellent work at a low price, word travels FAST. If you’re looking at your calendar for the next three months and wondering how rescheduling Thanksgiving and Christmas will go over with your family, chances are you’ve created some crazy demand by charging less than your work is worth. 

You are among the lowest priced in your area

Are clients telling you you’re the best deal in town? Creating evocative family heirlooms isn’t something your ideal client is trying to source on Groupon — they want to work with the best! Keep tabs on what other photographers in your area are charging, and even if you’re not ready to price yourself among the most expensive, make sure you’re not attracting the kind of clients whose number one priority is finding the lowest price.

Your clients feel like they’re getting you for a steal

You know that IKEA commercial where the woman’s total is so low, she’s sure she got away with stealing? If your quotes are consistently met with an enthusiastic “Really?! LET’S DO IT!” it’s definitely time to increase your rates. 

Initially, it might feel great for a client to think they’re getting a bargain, but that’s nothing compared to how good they’ll feel when they see the beautiful photographs you’ve taken  and know they’ve paid fairly for an excellent product, supporting a local business (you!) in the process. 

You’re working WAY too many hours

Here’s a good spot for a gentle reminder: you started this business because it’s something that’s all yours and can provide the kind of balance you’ve been dreaming of. Your Lifestyle Family Photography business should be lighting you up, not burning you out! If you find yourself working constantly, think about how it would feel to do half the amount of sessions each month and make the same amount of money (or more!). Feel that light returning? You know what you have to do!

Raising your prices might seem scary at first, but periodically increasing your rates and communicating them with confidence is all part of creating a thriving lifestyle family photography business. 

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