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Why is it so hard to share our true selves within our brand? It is so much easier to hide behind our work.

But here is the thing, there are thousands of photographers (or insert your creative field) near you who are just as good if not better than you.

I am not telling you that to discourage you… I am telling you that to encourage you to share yourself.

Your brand is an extension of you. It has to be. You will be connecting to your ideal client and you want them to choose you because they like you, not just your work. Because if all they have to see is your work then they will simply price shop you.

Now don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean that you have to air your dirty laundry online (don’t do that) or that you have to share something personal that you don’t feel comfortable sharing.

What I mean is that you will want to choose some personal aspects of your life to share with your community.

For example, I love sharing about motherhood and it’s ups and downs on my social media account. I really want to connect deeply to my ideal client who is also a mother. But you will notice that even though I share about motherhood I rarely share about my children. My children are very intentionally NOT part of my brand, but motherhood is.

Another example is travel. I share my love for travel and adventure on my social media all the time because my ideal client loves the outdoors and is active and fun. I do this to connect her to me so that she knows that she and I will have this in common.

I encourage you to think about three personal things that have nothing to do with photography (or insert your creative field) you can share with your audience that will speak directly to your ideal client.

Write those three things down. Now think about how you will incorporate those things into your social media strategy.

This helps humanize your account and allows your ideal client to connect to you personally and in turn to connect to your brand.

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