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How to make the most of the photographer slow season | tips on how to be productive in your photography business during winter

For photographers each season of the year can being different challenges. Fall for most of us the the busiest time of year. And that season can abruptly transition in to slow season once the winter hits. Slow season is a great time to rest our bodies after the busy fall but also one of the best times to work on your business to set yourself up for a streamlined and profitable following year.

We went to our positive and engaged Facebook group to ask the photographers in our community what they were doing during photography slow season, to see what their top tips were to ensure business, personal health and growth continue in the slow season.

Read through all the things fellow photographers are doing right now during the slow season to build their business and personal life.

How to eliminate slow season

I just had my second baby, I am trying to make this slow season of photography be productive while juggling a newborn and toddler. I want to set myself up for success once things get even busier!

I am taking time to create resources for clients and drafting them as blog posts and Instagram content that I can save and schedule throughout the year.

As I go about my days tending two under two, I find a lot of inspiration for things that may be helpful to other moms and have been jotting down notes so that I can remember them and turn them into blog posts, Instagram captions, or reels.

In line with that, I’ve been working on dual-purposing my content – Taking sections from my blog posts and saving them for captions on social media posts, or taking points from reels and expanding them into blog posts.

What to do during photography slow season.

I am building a 2024 content calendar with weekly blog posts, monthly newsletters and weekly instagram posts. I created an excel file where I have each month/week/date and the instagram posts, blog topics, newsletter topics and key phrases I will be using so I can keep track of everything in one place.

What do you do when your photography business is slow?

Doing BTS newborn video for my website, SEO, backlinks, and seriously getting back to myself as best I can. I am making working out and me time a priority with out the guilt- ish.

Tips to avoid photography slow season.

Because my personal life is so interlaced with my business, I think the practices and events I am doing will greatly benefit both areas. So…for my business Im taking a bomb mastermind

and have plans to update my website. For both business and personal growth I am practicing surrounding myself with positive energy and being very intentional and present in activities outside of my business. It sounds so simple but it is hard for me so Im excited to really work on this!

Photography slow season eliminated.

I am creating quarterly goals for 2024, updating images on my website, improving my videography skills, getting ahead on blogging, and going on an international trip to celebrate a successful year! (And to escape the cold/rainy season in Seattle for a mental health break!)

What can you do to avoid slow season as a photographer.

During slow season I’ve been continuing to create art and exercise my creative muscles in the form of painting and crafts! Aside from that I am inching my way through updating my website portfolio! There are days for working and days for creating.

How to take care of yourself during photography slow season.

I have a long list of things to update during this time: SEO, portfolio images (on website, Google business profile, IG highlights), blog post ideas, email newsletter for calendar release, and guides I provide to clients upon booking. I’m also going through my booking workflow on Dubsado to make sure hiccups get fixed. And I set up a model call session at a location downtown to see if it’s a viable option for clients.

Self care during photography slow season.

During slow season I am learning FB Ads, working on my website improvement, helping my girls with Girl Scouts cookie sales, and decluttering my house. Oh, and I am getting ready to move into my new studio!

Update your website and portfolio during slow season.

Updating my website and portfolio. I’ve been using my model calls a bit more creatively in order the showcase the direction I want to take my sessions going forward. I just picked up an Illuminate class –Cultivating Connection with Kyla Ewert to push myself more to think outside the box. I’m also working on a Project 365 and loving the artful play that has been pulled out of me.

Dive into continued education during slow season.

During this season I am leaning into creating new and meaningful rhythms. To ignite my creative juices, I’m trying to watercolor daily. To focus on health and discipline, I started going to the gym (at 5am!! – eak) 4-5 days a week. And… to harness all the amazing new year, new you vibes, I’m investing in a kick ass business Mastermind (ESB!)

Build photography community during slow season.

I have been spending time during this winter season reconnecting with my local photography community. I spent an afternoon sauna-ing at a Korean spa with one photographer friend, I went out on a hike with another one, went to a cafe and grabbed a coffee with another, and had a co-work party with another. Connections with other photographers and creatives is so valuable to me and this time of year is perfect for those in-person meet-ups!

Schedule out content during photography slow season.

Right now, my number one tasks I’m working on during the slow season are: scheduling social media posts, writing blogs, updating my website and website verbiage to be geared more towards luxury clients- along with that comes working on an updating SEO, and updating my Google business profile!

AND taking Elena’s Level II Mastermind Course!!

Personal Health: I’m working out 3-5 days/week (strength yoga and staying true to my animal based diet for optimal well being- mind, body, soul, gut

Implement SEO for your business.

I am currently diving into the world of SEO to gain better control over my business’s online presence through different virtual classes, facebook groups, past ESB Mastermind classes and podcasts. Learning SEO is empowering me to craft content that resonates with my audience and enhances visibility for 2024.

Join a photography mastermind during slow season.

The one thing I’m doing : recharging my business! But that is actually a really long list- first, attending Elena’s Mastermind Retreat (!!!) to learn from some amazing ladies! Then I’m taking action on everything I learned in the mastermind: I solidified my booking calendar for the year, I’m setting up Honeybook as my business is big enough now to need a CRM. I’m scheduling all of my blog posts and emails for the year, and I’m dialing in my SEO. Last, and probably most important I’m going on a much needed Caribbean vacation to recharge my body and mind to get ready for busy season!


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