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You have been taking photos for a while now and a little voice (okay let’s be real, the voice is HUGE) is telling you that you should start a photography business.

You do what any human in 2020 naturally does and that is you take to the internet. You start googling yourself into oblivion and then suddenly you ask yourself…

“What should I name my photography business?”

What you decide to name your business is very personal and for many the answer is very clear. Your business name comes to you easily. But for many there are a lot of questions.

I want to share with you three things to consider when choosing your photography business name. I believe these three things to be the top things you need to consider.

I made a FACEBOOK LIVE video on this subject CLICK HERE TO VIEW.

Or… listen to audio only by clicking play below. I see you multi-tasker, and I got you covered. 😉

  1. Is your business name timeless? You need to ask yourself if your business will grow with you because there is one thing I can promise you and that is that you are going to grow and change over the years and you want your name to grow with you. Often a new photographer is afraid of associating themselves with their business because of that nagging self doubt we all feel. So they choose a “cute” name like “Seahorse Photography” or they name their biz after their kiddos. I want you to think long and hard about this one. IS YOUR NAME TIMELESS? Because here is the thing, your name will be with you for a very long time and once you establish a brand with that name it is VERY hard to change it. So make double, triple sure it is timeless.

  2. Is your business name avoiding confusion? Again, many choose a “cute” name for their business. But make sure that the name isn’t causing confusion. If someone lands on your website because they googled “photographer {in your area}” and they land on a website called “Seahorse Photography” are they going to think you are a photographer that photographs seahorses? That is a silly example but it makes my point.

  3. What message is your business name sending? What I mean by this is, how will your business name translate with your marketing efforts? Your photo biz name will directly tie in to your brand and marketing. So ask yourself… does your chosen name sound elegant, fun, cute, joyful, etc? You want to make sure that your name is in line with your desired brand and marketing story.

If I had to make a blanket recommendation I would say, name your business after yourself. One thing that will remain consistent within your business is YOU. Be proud of that. But, I know some have their reasons for not wanting their name associated with their business and I get that. If that is the case, make sure you choose wisely. Because I am here to tell you, your business name will be very hard to change once you establish yourself.

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