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Newborn Lifestyle Photography Without Artificial Light | Newborn Photography Tips

When I attended my first conference I walked the showroom floor and thought I would never be able to “afford” to be a newborn photographer.⁠

So many booths selling VERY EXPENSIVE artificial lighting. ⁠

So many booths selling a TON OF EXPENSIVE props and little outfits for newborns to wear.⁠

So many booths selling very EXPENSIVE albums, canvas, and other things I would need to charge thousands of dollars for just to turn a profit.⁠

Basically those booths were telling me…⁠

‍♀️ babies aren’t perfect as they are, they need cute clothing to be photographed⁠
‍♀️ babies must be posed and propped up to look beautiful⁠
‍♀️ I wasn’t a real photographer without artificial light⁠
‍♀️ I had to sell products to new parents in order to be a real photographer ⁠

Lies, lies, lies. ⁠

I wish I didn’t listen. Sadly I spent five years trying to be what that showroom told me. I wasted so much time and money when the reality is this…⁠

❤️ All I needed was my heart and my camera. ⁠

❤️ Babies are absolutely perfect as is and all I need is one window to conduct an entire newborn session. ⁠

❤️ You don’t need to up-sell your clients a ton of products if you don’t want to! ⁠

I want to save you years of frustration and lots of money. ⁠

I want you to create newborn photography that is meaningful, natural, and most importantly safe (some popular newborn poses are NOT safe.)⁠

The internet and photography industry want you to believe you NEED a bunch of STUFF to become a REAL newborn photographer.

Just not true!

I strongly believe that the more newborn photographers we have in our world who are heart centered, SAFE, and focused on connection the better.

So I am here to tell you that you don’t need any of those things. I hope I can save you years of unfulfilling work and skyrocket you straight into fulfilling, meaningful newborn photography!

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