I tend to write to women. I tend to write for women. Because really, who I am writing to is myself. So today, I write to you, and to me. It’s okay to want more than being a mother. *Cue all the gasps! When my first child was born nearly 11 years ago my world […]

What I learned from being a full time mother and photographer

May 21, 2019

I wanted to share with you a common “lie” I hear about Lifestyle Photography. Hang with me? One thing I see all the time on social media, and from well known or talented Lifestyle Photographers at that, is they say things like “I just adore in between moments.” Or, “I am obsessed with capturing candid […]

The common misconception about lifestyle family photography

May 21, 2019

I will never forget the thrill of my first booked year. Finally, after lots of trial and error I managed to book up my fall months. It was amazing! I was finally making a good income with this photography gig and was really finding my way in business.  Then January came and cue the crickets. […]

Tips for photographers to stay motivated year round

May 21, 2019

I wanted to share with you something that I think is so very important.  Let’s face it. Being a mother is hard and often under appreciated. When a session is booked with me 99.9% of the time it’s the mom who booked the shoot. She is usually the one who does most of the arranging […]

Five ways to make mothers look their best during a family session

May 21, 2019

I asked my IG community where they most needed help during family sessions and one thing I heard over and over again is “how do you work with cranky dads?” Or “How do you get the dads to relax during the session?”  Well my friends, I got you covered. I can honestly say that I […]

Three easy ways to help dads relax during a family session

May 21, 2019

Do you ever feel guilty because you don’t have your camera strapped to you constantly?  Release the pressure you put on yourself to shoot every day.  Social media makes it seem like everyone has their camera attached to their hip and that they are taking gorgeous photos of their gorgeous kids in gorgeous outfits in […]

Do you ever feel pressured to take photos every single day?

May 21, 2019

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