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The Elena S Blair Photography Mastermind Alumni Feature – Tristin Tracy

Over the course of 5 months, photographers who choose to be apart of the Elena S Blair Photography Mastermind will transform their business and themselves. Although every experience is different we have seen so many talented photographers grow in ways that sometimes even surprise themselves. In this blog series we will highlight Alumni who have completed the photography mastermind and allow them to discuss what their personal experience was like. Keep reading to see the thoughts of today’s Alumni, Tristin Tracy.

What cohort were you a part of?

I was apart of Level 1 – Cohort 3 & 4, Level 2 – Cohort 2.

Tristin Tracy an Alumni of the Elena S Blair Photography Mastermind Level 1 and 2

Tristin Tracy

What your favorite part of the mastermind?

Elena’s mastermind really opened my mind to thinking about my business holistically. There’s not just one part to pay attention to, but looking at ALL the parts (and Elena helped break it down so it wasn’t overwhelming) really opened my eyes to what’s possible. She guided us piece by piece (week by week) and I feel like I chipped away at 5 years of progress and business development in 6 months. Then I refined it again during my second around of Level 1. I feel like a well oiled machine and I think it would have taken me years and years of trial and error to get where I am today. This is why I took her Level 1 twice. I really feel like I cheated and got 10 years of business experience in two mastermind classes. Now I can’t wait to see what Level 2 will bring. I’ve already started writing my class and I know the sky is the limit to my possibilities.

What are some changes or improvements that you have seen in your business since joining and completing the mastermind?

I’ve seen a Hugh influx of inquiries and bookings. I now have a solid business foundation of who I am, who I serve and what I provide. This helps me with every aspect of my business, from planning my social media strategy to blog writing.

What are some changes or improvements that you have seen in your habits, lifestyle, confidence, and spirituality that you have seen in yourself since joining and completing the mastermind?

I am more aware of the story I’m telling myself in my head and where I came from. I’ve been able to rewrite this story to better suite me and my business goals. I feel lighter and clearer in many aspects of my life including my habits, confidence and spiritual openness.

Tristin's BTS images from the the Palm Springs Elena S Blair Mastermind Retreat

Images from a styled shoot on Day 2 of the Elena S Blair Mastermind Retreat.

Photo from the shooting demo at the Palm Springs Elena S Blair Mastermind Retreat

How would you describe the Retreat experience?

The retreat was a weekend of fun, excitement, growth and education! I could go on and on but really it was the perfect combination of letting loose, relaxing with friends, learning new business strategies and photography techniques. The shoot alongs also offered great posing ideas as well.

What would you tell someone to help them take the leap? What words of encouragement do you think they need?

This is an investment in yourself and your business. The monetary investment will come back to you 10 fold if you put in the work. You need to make the commitment to show up to the weekly zoom meetings. If you must miss one every once-in-a-while, that’s okay because they are recored, but if you can make the weekly meetings you will be inspired to put in the work and your business will grow beyond your wildest dreams! BUT you have to show up first.

What are you working on right now? What is something that you are excited about in your life and biz? 

I’m currently writing my first business course on local marketing and business partnerships. I am excited to grow my business by educating other photographers. I feel like Elena’s mastermind was instrumental in my rapid growth. I have partnered with many local business in my community and seen my brand grown, now I’m inspire to educate others as well.

Images shot by Tristin at JOSHUA TREE at the Palm Springs Elena S Blair Mastermind Retreat

Images from a styled shoot at Joshua Tree

Image shot by Tristin before the the Palm Springs Elena S Blair Mastermind Retreat

You can view more work by Tristin Tracy at her website and on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

If you are a photographer who is looking to level up and transform your business and mindset to achieve your goals, you are invited to apply to be in the next Cohort of the Elena S Blair Mastermind. You can join the waitlist to be notified when applications are live and being accepted. Don’t miss this opportunity to create life long community, the business of your dreams and the confidence to be authentically you.

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