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The Elena S Blair Photography Mastermind Alumni Feature – Karen Koenig

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Over the course of 5 months, photographers who choose to be apart of the Elena S Blair Photography Mastermind will transform their business and themselves. Although every experience is different we have seen so many talented photographers grow in ways that sometimes even surprise themselves. In this blog series we will highlight Alumni who have completed the photography mastermind and allow them to discuss what their personal experience was like. Keep reading to see the thoughts of today’s Alumni, Karen Koenig.

What cohort were you a part of? I was apart of Level 1 – Cohort 4.

Karen Koenig Alumni of the Elena S Blair Photography Mastermind

Karen Koenig

What your favorite part of the mastermind?

I loved the way Mastermind was set up….each week built upon the next one. And I learned so many new things that I could apply immediately to increase the profitability and efficiency of my business. Having a set time each week where I dedicated my attention to learning was great. But where the Mastermind really shined was that I got to do this with an amazing group of other photographers on the same journey. The Pods were genius as it helped me connect even deeper with three other photographers. We met on Zoom weekly outside of class time and still meet to this day after our program ended. We share ideas, vendor recommendations, accountability, and also personal stories and laughter. My Cohort and Pod have been the community I’ve been seeking in this industry.

What are some changes or improvements that you have seen in your business since joining and completing the mastermind?

My communication with my clients through a newsletter has resulted in new client opportunities, plans for restructuring my pricing and sales process are starting to get in place, my client experience is more refined and professional (which is saving me more time) just to mention a few. Next up is to put the tips for SEO into place. Stay tuned!

What are some changes or improvements that you have seen in your habits, lifestyle, confidence, and spirituality that you have seen in yourself since joining and completing the mastermind?

Definitely more intentional with my time, which increases my productivity. Also a renewed view at potential business and really finding my lane and staying there to stay focused. A boost in creativity which was desperately needed. And a new vision of what’s ahead with goals and steps to get there.


How would you describe the retreat experience.

The retreat was the perfect mix of learning and building connections. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet my online friends IN PERSON, because that’s something you just can’t get over the computer. And the location was so wonderful for me at this time of year. Flying in from Ohio to the warmth was a welcomed perk. Plus we talked beforehand and some of us met up at Joshua Tree to do some early shooting….all the smiles and laughter within minutes of meeting were the best part. I took notes, so many notes, and sat back and just listened to others and soaked it all in. Also I loved that the speakers were part of our downtime as well, not just for their scheduled portion. You can learn so much during those in between moments. I didn’t want it to end.

What would you tell someone to help them take the leap and join the Mastermind? What words of encouragement do you think they need?

Investing in yourself is so important. Make it a priority….save up for it…..budget it for the next year….whatever you need to do. Make it happen. You will get so much more out of it than you realize. Truly. Besides the community over competition that you’ll get, your business will also grow (in whatever way you want it to). Elena really shares so much of the things that are important…..and that really work. And the best part is that she really wants you to succeed….take what she teaches and apply it in your own way to make it yours.

What are you working on right now? What is something that you are excited about in your life and biz? 

I’m working on doing more underwater photography and seeing where I want to take it. How it can fit into my business or personal projects. I also have a portrait project dealing with laughter that had been sitting on my “shelf” but at the retreat, I got the encouragement I needed to get it started!

Anything else you want to share?

I’m truly blown away at the community Elena has created over the years. I was hesitant to sign up, never knowing if it was the right time, but then finally just did it. I’m so happy (and proud) to be part of this community. Best decision I ever made for my business…and myself.

You can view more work by Karen Koenig at her website www.karenkoenigphotography.com and on social media platforms like Instagram.

If you are a photographer who is looking to level up and transform your business and mindset to achieve your goals, you are invited to apply to be in the next Cohort of the Elena S Blair Mastermind. You can join the waitlist to be notified when applications are live and being accepted. Don’t miss this opportunity to create life long community, the business of your dreams and the confidence to be authentically you.

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