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I love marketing and could talk about it non stop. In fact I do, in my mastermind. Marketing is an in depth subject that has many different approaches and angles. But if I had to tell you ONE marketing tip that has impacted my photography business the most it would be this…

I know I am not the photographer for everyone. And that is the number one of the reasons my business is so successful. ⁠

I am completely happy with attracting and repealing in equal forces!

Not everyone is touchy feely and wants to snuggle their teens. That is okay, they should see another artist. ⁠

Not everyone wants me to play with light and have flare and sunshine on their faces. That is okay, they should see another artist. ⁠

Not everyone is willing to allow me to be messy and imperfect with my artistry. That is okay. There are a lot of perfect photographers for the more traditional folks. ⁠

A successful marketing plan knows how to attract and repeal in with equal force. ⁠This allows me to speak directly and effortlessly to my ideal client. As a photographer you only need to reach 50-200 humans a year. So why the heck are you so worried about reaching thousands? Focus your efforts on attracting your ideal clients only.

If you try to be everyones photographer you will be nobodies photographer. ⁠

I love talking about marketing. 13 years in biz and I think I have it down pat. ⁠

If you want to learn how to create your own unique marketing strategy, one in which will help you to grow a profitable and meaningful business, make sure you check out my Mastermind. We only accept applications twice a year.

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