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What is Clubhouse and should photographers be using Clubhouse for their biz?

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Welcome to our new series, Clubhouse Show Notes!

Unless you have been living under a rock you have been hearing the buzz that is Clubhouse. I will admit I am still super new on the scene but I am VERY excited about jumping into this very fun platform. My hunch says its going to be HUGE.

Clubhouse is a mobile platform (iPhone only) that is best described as a live podcasting app. It is live and audio only, nothing can be recorded. It is invite only and is still relatively exclusive. What I love most about this app is the connection aspect. It allows you to hop in a room with your influencers and peers and most times allows you to raise your hand and speak directly with them. So cool!

My Integrator, Mary summed it up beautifully in our Facebook Community so I want to share what she said here.

1) It’s invite-only and iPhone-only: the program is still in Beta testing, and we can’t wait for it to open up beyond that so that more of our community can join us!

2) It’s an audio-only social platform with no recording allowed: so if you miss it, you just miss it. This encourages being present and engaging – things we LOVE about our community!

3) The level of access that participants are gaining to industry experts is incredible!

Should I be using Clubhouse for my photography biz?

At this time I feel like clubhouse is a fantastic tool for education and networking. Clubhouse is the place to be if you want to network with peers and learn from industry experts! So while I don’t have a strategy for using it for your biz directly (yet) I do think it is a great place for community and personal development!

We want my rooms to be archived somehow so we have decided to start keeping “show notes” from each room. These notes will essentially allow you to snag a summary of what was discussed and download any relevant supplemental info we may have. Head to my blog link to find my most recent show notes!

See you in the Clubhouse!

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