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Why saying no is actually good for your photography business

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A friend and I were chatting today about when you just know you should say no yet you don’t. In the world of social media we see so many people doing so many things. It seems like everyone is traveling, buying new gear, getting their hair done, going to epic locations to do epic shoots, and the list goes on. 

It makes us want all those things. And trust me, it happens to me every day. 

But you have to know that every time you say yes you are also saying no to something else you could be doing during that time.

For instance… I have had an unusual amount of inquiries for births lately. And I LOVE shooting births. So much intensity and joy to be captured. However, if I said yes to two of the births I was offered, I would literally have to forego all travel this summer with my family. Not okay.

But I considered it. Then I took pause and said “Elena, get your priorities straight. You only have 10 summers before Cooper goes off to college, use them wisely.” 

Or another example, a beloved past client asked me to photograph her dental office. I LOVE this client and I considered doing it for her because of how much I love her. But I realized that this would be be satisfying to me which would in turn lead to me doing sub par work, not good for her or me. So I referred her out. 

So remember, even though new opportunities are shiny and enticing, it’s okay to say NO and important to stay true to yourself and your business. 

Believe in you and know that I believe in you. 🙂



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