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You decide you want to start a photography business and you do what all new photographers do, you take to social media and the internet for advice. Surely that is what landed you right here in my corner of the internet. Welcome, my friend!

But here is the thing… the internet isn’t very supportive and all it wants you to do is believe that you will fail. You may be hearing some of the following negative things…

‍♀️ “The industry is too saturated.”⁠

This is a long time favorite. People LOVE to blame their lack of success on the saturation of the industry. Sure, there are a lot of photographers out there but I am here to tell you that there is plenty of room for all of us and if you business is failing it has nothing to do with your competition and everything to do with your lack of brand clarity and marketing strategy. Sorry Charlie. But it’s not their fault.

“Don’t be a photoshoot and burner.”⁠

Pfft. Please. This phrase is bullying in my opinion. I have been all inclusive, meaning that I give a gallery of digital files, for thirteen years and my photography business has earned at least six figures per year for nine consecutive years. No pone pricing structure or business model is superior. All that matters is that you are making a profit.

“I will never make it because of all the underpriced photographers” ⁠

Again, this is a long time favorite. Blaming your competition. Remember that time when you needed to charge less money in order to gain experience? Yeah? Well that is where your underpriced competition is. Ignore them and let them be on their own journey. Someone who values high priced photography is a different person than who wants to pay $100 for a session. You and your underpriced competition are literally competing for different people. Promise.

“I hate marketing.” ⁠

This is probably because you don’t understand it. And that is okay. You came into this biz because you are an artist, not a marketing strategist. Marketing is not selling and when done effectively it is simply sharing your brand story with the world. It never feels gross and is even kinda fun! Trust me.

“You can’t make money as an artist.”⁠

The starving artist story is a story as old as time and it is total bull s$%t. Our industry is thriving and artists can live completely abundant lifestyles. You are just believing an old societal story that is simply not true.

“You are just a mom with a camera.”⁠

Pfffff . This one fires me up!

I am a Mom With A Camera on a damn mission! I turned my little photography hobby into a multiple six figure mini empire. Operating the whole thing from my dining room table. ⁠

My four kids get to see their mother bring home the bacon right from their kitchen. They get to see that you don’t have to live inside anyones box. That you get to write your own story. ⁠

Don’t believe the lies you are hearing. Our industry is thriving and you can be a part of that. ⁠

If you want support in building your own profitable and meaningful photography business, check out my Mastermind. We accept applications twice a year and it literally changes lives!

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