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Frequently asked Instagram questions answered. Part 2.

Part I of this post focused on building up your Instagram following and where to find inspiration for what to share and what to write. Part II gets down to the nitty gritty of using video and boosting engagement.

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How can I improve my stories and reels game?

Practice makes perfect — well, better. Practice makes better.

First of all, your stories and reels don’t NEED to be perfect. All you have to do is try. Stories in particular are designed to be raw and real, and reels are little more than music and some text boxes. Nothing to be afraid of.

No doubt you’ve seen me dancing up a storm on my reels. I love that their organic reach is off the charts! Like, way back in the early days of the gram kind of reach. Think of stories as a “day in the life” kind of peek into your world. Reels, in their simplest form, impart a tip or trick to your audience.

Reels and stories are 100% worth the effort to learn. I promise that once you’ve done a couple, you’ll be off to the races! They’ll keep getting better.

How do I get over my discomfort with getting in front of the camera?

So many people struggle with this, but honestly, you’ve gotta just rip the bandaid off and do it, because when you show up on video on Instagram, your engagement sees a big boost. Your followers will feel closer to you if they see and hear you. It doesn’t have to be stylized or overproduced, in fact it’s usually best if it’s authentically imperfect. So get into the habit of showing up on video at least once a week. Give the people what they want!  

How do I encourage people to engage with my content?

Well, for starters, keep any barriers to entry low. So no three-part questions. Think something along the lines of a simple two-option Insta story poll about which editing treatment they prefer, or how their family gets psyched up for picture day. Asking a heartfelt question like “tell me how you’re coping with X during the pandemic” can also go a long way in getting your audience engaged. The important thing to keep in mind is “what does my unique audience get from this?”

If you always remember who your audience is, and how you’re serving them, you’re bound to show up more confidently.

Your followers will be inspired by that confidence and want to engage with you.

And as I said in the previous post about converting followers to clients, be that person who always responds. That is key to developing the kind of relationship that transcends social media.

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