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3 Ways To Eliminate Slow Season As A Family Photographer

Here is the thing about Lifestyle Family Photography, it is seasonal. 

There are times of the year when family photography are simply more popular than others. In my experience the most popular time for family photos is end of April to end of October.

Well if this is going to be your J O B then you can’t only work April through October. I mean, that would be awesome, but it just isn’t sustainable. 

So what is a Lifestyle Family Photographer to do? It is actually quite simple. 


I do this by offering other services that can be offered year around, even in the slow months. Here are some ways you can diversify your business. 

  1. Offer “Mini Sessions” in the slow months. Now this can be tricky! You never want to have these types of sessions listed on your website. You must offer them as a special offering that is only offered for a very limited time. Perhaps one or two weekends a year. I don’t recommend this being a regular source of income for you, however if you do them right, you can really supplement your income with mini sessions. It is best to have a mailing list to offer exclusive events like mini sessions too.

    Click HERE for a quick start guide to start or grow your photography email list!

  2. . Offer Fine Art School Portraits! This is probably the number one way I diversify my income. Fine Art School Portraits provide significant income, ELIMINATE slow season for my business, AND market myself to potential family portrait clients to help book out my Lifestyle Family Photography calendar each year.

     Click HERE to get instant access to a free webinar that will show you how to get started with Fine Art School Portraits.

    3. Offer in home Lifestyle Photography. Except for a few special occasions, I only offer Lifestyle Newborn Photography indoors. And the wonderful thing about that is that Lifestyle Newborn Photography happens year around. Babies are born every single day so there is no slow season for that! I just make sure to really ramp up my marketing for this type of session in December to make sure my inquires are coming in steady for the winter. 

    Click HERE to get instant access to a free webinar that will teach you how to get started with Lifestyle Newborn Photography.

There you have it, my friends. Three ways you can diversify your business so you have a plan for the inevitable “slow season.”



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