I am happy to share a current updated list of the gear and equipment that I use for my family, newborn, and school photography. I am an exclusive Canon Photographer! Digital Photo Storage 512GB CFexpress Type B Memory Card SanDisk 128GB Express Compact Flash Memory Card SanDisk Extreme 64GB CompactFlash CF Memory Card (2 Pack) […]

My Photography Gear list for Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photographers

January 23, 2024

We are in the slow season for photography. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on things to make the coming year the most efficient, profitable and aligned year yet! See what other photographers are doing now to make sure that this year is the best one yet!

How to make the most of the photographer slow season | tips on how to be productive in your photography business during winter

January 22, 2024

March 3 – 1:00pm  Running a Thriving Photography business as a single mom ~with Chloe Ramirez and Bre Thurston Introductions     Elena: family and newborn photographer, Seattle, Wa Bre: wedding photographer, SF Bay area Chloe: family and wedding photographer, Sacramento, Ca Topic 1: How did becoming a single mom change how you ran your […]

Clubhouse Show Notes – Room With Chloe Ramirez, Elena S Blair, & Bre Thurston

March 4, 2021

February 22 – 4:00pm “Avoiding Photographer Burnout with a repeatable workflow:  ~ with Jeff Rojas Introduction to speakers and how they met Define what burnout looks like to each Jeff: hives, escapism, video games for days, procrastination Elena: You don’t know what it looks like until you’ve hit rock bottom; productivity as a means of […]

Clubhouse Show Notes – Room With NYC Photographer Jeff Rojas and Elena S Blair

February 25, 2021

Part I of this post focused on building up your Instagram following and where to find inspiration for what to share and what to write. Part II gets down to the nitty gritty of using video and boosting engagement. Ready to go deeper and truly immerse yourself in Instagram for your photography business? Sign up […]

Frequently asked Instagram questions answered. Part 2.

January 14, 2021

To prepare for the launch of Photographer Social SchoolI asked you to give me all your burning Instagram questions. And just as I knew you would, you delivered!  We’ll be doing a more strategic deep dive on all aspects of building your brand with Instagram in the course, but to give you a sense of […]

Frequently asked Instagram questions answered. Part 1

January 14, 2021

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